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Word on the Street

Was my first experience with Colon Cleansing. Lisa was the utmost professional and made the entire process very comfortable!!

Todd Kirnan

As a man I was a little nervous doing this but health is my main concern . I found the procedure to be painless and not hard at all to do . Lisa is amazing and I felt very good after my first visit and also reading into what it does for you is why I came in the first place . The health benefits are phenomenal and cannot be overlooked especially for men .


I started getting colonics for the 1st time in my life in 2013. Lisa is very professional and she knows what she's doing. Even though I was very satisfied with the results, I was still curious to see how other Colon Hydrotherapists did the sessions so I went to one in New York City. It was truly no competition at all when compared to Lisa as I felt I left the session the same way I would go in. On the other hand, when Lisa performs a colonic your body feels lighter, you're not bloated anymore, and even your mind clears up.

Hamlet Javier

I have been having colonics now for 8 yrs. In the past I have had stomach issues, IBS, colitis and I was even told I might have Crohn's disease. All the meds I was on finally did me in. Then I was introduced to Vitonics. THANK GOD!!!! No more meds and surgeries. Now, just enzymes, eating well, staying away from wheat/gluten/sugars/white flours/bran, and the best COLONICS once a month!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention - I would only have a bowel movement 3x week. Now 1x A DAY. My colon is SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY! Lisa you have added so much to Vitonics, it is now the best ever!

Gina Marie Madonia-Aiello

had been a colonic client of Maria's for many years before she left for France in 2008. From my experience over the past year, you have filled in for her quite admirably and I am very pleased having you as a therapist, you are always patient and willing to do what is necessary to help me have a successful colonic. Your skillful touch and friendly approach makes me look forward to seeing you each month even if having a colonic is not the most pleasant thing going. I am grateful for your willingness to do this work and appreciate having you as part of my healthy living practice!


Lisa you run a 5 star business! Upon entering, the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere is so welcoming. Your gentle and kind introduction put me at ease because, as you know, I was nervous. You answered all of my questions and gave me information I didn’t have. I look forward to coming again.

Corene Carter

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