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Vitonics aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of services. We provide health services and the positive reinforcement you need to make big lifestyle changes. Take a look at some of the services we offer, and please get in touch if you have any questions.



Colon hydrotherapy is one of the best places to start taking charge of your overall health and well-being.

A colon cleanse is the perfect procedure to assist with:

  • Reducing constipation

  • Detoxifying the entire body

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Achieving clearer & brighter skin

  • Restoring normal bowel function

  • Enhancing overall health and well-being

  • Increasing energy levels and improving mood

Utilizing a gravity-fed closed system, the colon is gently cleansed of fecal matter, gas and in some cases, undigested food. Colonics can assist with intestinal issues such as constipation, bloating and inflammation. All other systems in the body will benefit from the elimination of toxins that reside in our colon. The average colonic takes 45 minutes. For your initial appointment, plan for at least an hour. 

Fresh Coffee Beans


Coffee Enemas are said to assist the body in the following ways:

  • Detoxifying the liver

  • Increasing immunity

  • Improving gut health

  • Repairing digestive tissue

  • Improving blood circulation

  • Helping with cellular regeneration

  • Improving low energy levels and moods (such as fighting signs of depression)

  • Relieving digestive issues, such as frequent constipation, bloating, cramping and nausea


It is believed that the kahweol and cafestol palmitate properties in coffee increase the liver’s production of glutathione, the mother of all antioxidants, by as much as 700%. In addition, theophylline and theobromine, two other beneficial chemicals in coffee, dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut. The palmitates are responsible for stimulating the enzyme system responsible for the removal of toxic free radicals from the blood. Finally, the fluid of the enema itself stimulates the visceral nervous system to promote peristalsis and the rapid transit of diluted toxic bile through the colon.

In addition, here is an interesting article on PubMed about the effects of kahweol and cafestol:

Rocks of Balance


Essential oils are first applied using the Vita Flex technique on the feet to prepare the spine for the treatment. These same oils are then dropped on the spine and spinal muscles simulating raindrops. These oils are dispersed all over the back and neck using a series of gentle sweeping motions called feathering. Additional movements are performed to enhance the absorption of the oils and the stimulation of the spinal muscles. A warm, damp compress is then applied while a gentle foot massage is conducted.
Please see the home page for a list of possible benefits.


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