A Word From Lisa

I have been intrigued with nutrition, exercise, and holistic healthcare most of my adult life. I started my quest for a physically fit body over 20 years ago when my dad introduced me to step aerobics. My passion for exercise has evolved to include weight lifting, running, hiking, biking, and tennis. In order to maintain my active lifestyle, I incorporated massage therapy, chiropractic care, Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology and various other energy healing modalities into my routine.
During a brief stint in the corporate world, I became interested in skin care and the importance of caring for the body’s largest organ. I received my aesthetics license from the Continental School of Beauty and started offering facials in my home office. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to some amazing healers: a nutritionist, a lymph drainage therapist, and a colon hydrotherapist.
I gravitated to colonics, which helped me recover from leaky gut syndrome. I obtained my colon hydrotherapist certification from the Wood Hygienic Institute during the summer of 2007 and eventually purchased Vitonics in 2008. I work with people of all different ages having a variety of health goals, from folks wanting to maintain optimal health to those suffering from a wide array of digestive and intestinal issues.